Optimum Benefit

is composed of one financial professional, myself, Robert Newman.  I offer high quality insurance and financial products and services to the individual, family and business marketplace.  My particular specialty is personalized care for every client.  The purpose of Optimum Benefit is to help families and businesses safeguard their assets.  My business philosophy is my life philiosophy:  Treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve, and place the needs of each client above all else.  You could say that I'm in the "family" business, because families are what life is all about.

Over Twenty-Five Years

I have built up extensive experience and knowledge in the products, services and solutions that I offer to obtain maximum benefit and protection for my clients. It is my personal commitment and desire to establish trust and long lasting relationships with my clients. This commitment has served me well throughout the years.  It is extremely gratifying to continue growing these friendships.


to this Web Site. I've tried to provide the viewer with a basic understanding of some subjects we specialize in. If you have a need for our services, you can call or complete one of the forms provided.  I will answer each inquiry personally.